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Catago Fir-tech Dressage Boots

Catago Fir-tech dressage boots-

The Catago dressage boot is a well fittedd, highly ventilated support boot, ideal for

supportng the horse’s lower leg during exercise, helping to prevent any strain or injury. The

dressage boot consists of a mix of soft mesh and hard shell, offering impact protection for

the vital tendons and ligaments, whilst ensuring excess heat is able to escape, helping to

prevent the leg from overheang.

The main feature of these boots is the FIR-tech technology, which is ceramic partcles woven

into the fabric of the boots. These partcles reflect the heat back into the leg to help

increase blood flow and improve circulation.

The boots are easy to put on and fit well. They have elasticated straps which prevent over

Tightening and the lower leg being restricted. The combination of mesh and shell gives the

boot a level of flexibility whilst still providing support and protection.

They come in both black and white. I don’t often use white boots, but thankfully these are

easy to clean, which is a relief after riding on black rubber! I simply run them under water

when they start to get a bit dirty, but they can also be washed in the machine to remove all

stains and marks.

These boots are available from The Comfy Horse Company for … along with a range of other

Catago products.

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