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Catago Fir-tech healing Walker Rug

The Fir Tech healing Walker rug by Catago and been a great piece of kit that I have been reviewing recently. FIR tech activates cells to increase function and blood circulation. This can help to improve:

● reducing inflammation

●increased metabolism

● increased oxygen levels and flow to muscles

● improved blood circulation

● aids warm up before exercise

The rug is lined with woven ceramic particles, positioned over all the large muscle groups to increase the warming and relaxation of muscles by increasing blood flow.

This is the first time I've used a walker rug and I've been really impressed with the design. This rug in particular has a really nice padded chest which helps to reduce pressure, and I've found it really useful as an under rug as it stops his turnout rug from rubbing his shoulders and gives him more freedom of movement! Not only this, but it can be used as a stable sheet or travel rug. Perfect for relaxing him on our way to competitions! I've been using the rug pre and post exercise, especially after riding in our side saddle as it is harder work for him so I want to ensure that his back doesn't get tight.

This rug is of excellent quality at an affordable price for the technology used. I'd highly recommend for those with older horses or for horses that are prone to tension! Catago offers many other products using FIR tech, such and boots and poll covers. All available from The Comfy HorseCompany.

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