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Catago Fir-tech training pad

Having seen similar training pads featuring bungee systems available on the market I had always wondered how effective they were. To be honest I was a bit skeptical to start, but when the opportunity arose to review one for the Comfy Horse Company I thought it would be a great opportunity to put one through its paces!

The product itself is great quality, the saddle pad is well fitted with Catago's Fir-tech technology. The elastic straps are thoughtfully placed on the saddle pad, covered in removable plush fabric which help increase comfort and decrease pressure points whilst the bungees work on encouraging the horse to use its hind end and core more effectively.

I've used it on a variety of horses for both lunging and ridden work and have been really pleased with the effect its had on them. For Jake I've found it to be most useful under saddle. Its a useful reminder for him that he actually has a hind end and carries himself a lot better, meaning I don't have to do as much work! it's extremely useful as a rehab tool, with Jake having just had his hocks injected, the training aid is a great way of getting him to use his hocks more effectively, helping him strengthen up quicker.

Whilst this is an amazing tool, thought and care needs to go into using it. It is not something you can use every ride, and should be gradually introduced into your training programme.

The Pads come in dressage and gp/cc shape, and are available from The Comfy Horse Company.

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