• Katie-Ann Parton

Ecogold Flip Half pad

This is Ecogold's latest half pad, superbly designed to ensure comfort and practicality for horse and rider, whilst being ethically produced, so good for the environment too!

The half pad boasts many features, such as non slip material on both sides to ensure there is no movement of the saddle whilst you ride. The technical material used also means it is 100% breathable and easily cleaned. High resilience foam inserts provide impact protection for your horses back, and are easily removed for washing. Alongside its anatomical shape, there is also an air vent along the spine to encourage air ventilation to prevent your horse from overheating.

The pad is available in multiple colours, and can be 'flipped' depending on the colour you need for each ride! There are both dressage and cc shapes available. Having chosen the cc shape, I was really impressed with how smart my pad looked under my jumping saddle, but was also used under both dressage and showing saddles! Durning my jumping session the pad stayed firmly in place, and fitted securely under the saddle whilst not effecting its fit.

The pad is available from The Comfy Horse Company in a selection of colour options, and is currently on sale for £179!!


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