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Epiony Heat Pad

The Epiony Heat Pad has been great fun to review, it has so many uses for both horse and human! Simply designed, the heat pad provides the perfect amount of heat that can be utilised across the body.

Heat therapy has many benefits, firstly it dilates the muscles blood vessels which increases blood flow and the amount of oxygen and nutrients passing through the muscles, whilst removing any waste products that can cause stiffness and soreness. It's perfect to use before riding, mainly on the back and poll, to help soften and relax the muscles. I've found it really beneficial on Jake, as being an older horse, he tends to get stiff across parts of his body. The difference after using the heat pad before exercise is remarkable. He comes out much softer over his back, which often takes quite a while to achieve!

The pad comes with an elasticated surcingle and a neoprene waist belt, which means the pad can be used across you and your horses body When using the Epiony heat pad on Jake, I used the pad with the surcingle on his hack, withers, shoulders and hind quarters, and i used the belt to help keep t on his neck and poll. The pad can also be bandaged onto knees and hocks to help aid recovery.

The pad is specially designed to prevent itself from over heating, and will turn itself off if it gets too hot. There are different levels of heat that can be used, and each heat cycle lasts for a couple of hours.

The pad is great to use all year round, but especially great for me when I've got to teach late at night in winter and its freezing cold! It's also great for travelling as it gets colder, helping to warm the horses up whilst waiting on the lorry.

The Epiony Heat Pad is available from The Comfy Horse Company for £139.95 and comes with a 1 year warranty.


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