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Equilibrium Massage Mitt

Firstly, sorry for the delay in getting this review done, crazy times with this pandemic and all! March's product is the super Equilibrium Massage Mitt, from Equilibrium Products.

This mitt is perfect for targeting specific areas on your horse. For Jake, he struggles with tight hamstrings, so I used the mitt as part of our daily routine to help keep him soft and supple. Its really easy to use. With 3 settings lasting 10 minutes, you are able to deliver the vibration strength required, great for sensitive horses who need a little time to get used to a new sensation!

Not only does the massage mitt help to soften the horses muscles, it is also great for aiding relaxation. Perfect to use before or after a ride, or simply as a well deserved treat!

I found the mitt really beneficial for Felix. He gets particularly uptight when tacking up, so using the mitt before we ride not only helps to relax and soften him before our session, but also prepares him for the saddle going on. Having used the mitt on him a few times we found him a lot easier to tack up and a lot more relaxed during our warm up.

When using the mitt, initially it is a good idea to start at the lowest intensity to allow the horse to get used to the vibrations. Move the mitt following the direction of the horses hair. you can either focus on a particular target area for the whole programme, or move across the horses body. Perfect for the neck, shoulders, back and hindquarters. The massage mitt stimulates the muscles but using a mixture of pulsing and continuous vibration.

The main features:

- Battery operated, easily recharged.

- 3 intensities with the programme lasting 10 mins.

- lightweight, minimal effort to hold.

- easy clean, simply wipe after use.

- includes a practical and smart carry case.


You can get your own mitt from The Comfy Horse Company - and it comes with a 2 year warranty.

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