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Franklin Balls

Time for another (slightly late) product review for The Comfy Horse Company! This time I got the opportunity to try out a set of Franklin Balls. A fantastic product that I used both for myself and within lessons at Thurleigh Equestrian Centre.

Within the rider set, you get 3 different types of balls, all having there own uses. The balls are designed to help improve the riders seat and connection by making them more aware of their movement and positioning. They also help to release tightness of the fascia and muscles by targeting different acupressure points.

The mini roll.

  • The mini roll is a blue peanut shaped ball filled with air. It's used across the saddle, evenly under the seat bones. The ball lifts the rider above the horse, and leads to a more intense 'three dimensional' movement. This allows the rider to act more precisely to movements, along with making the use of the seat much smoother. This also improves the quality of the horse. The acupuncture points targeted by this ball stimulate the involuntary back muscles and encourage the rider to sit straighter; and engage their core. It also releases tension in the buttocks, which enhances the awareness of the rider through their seat.

Universal mini balls.

  • These balls can be positioned at different parts of the body such as under the arms, under the thigh, or under the seat bones.

Original franklin balls.

  • These can be used in a similar way to the mini or soft orange balls. These balls are best used under one seat bone at the time to make the rider more aware of uneven pressure through the seat bones. Riders often find certain movements such as half pass and leg yield easier as the balls even up any imbalance present.

I have loved using these balls both in lessons with clients and on my own horses. Not only does it provide many different exercises for riders to experience, but the difference seen in their positioning and stability in the saddle is amazing. Rider positioning is so important, making sure we are influencing the horse in the best way possible, and the Franklin balls have been such an invaluable bit of kit to really get the riders feel the difference.

Franklin balls are available from The Comfy Horse Company. Each type of ball is available to buy individually, or both rider and pilates sets are available. Both sets come with a handy how to guide that explains how to utilise each ball!

Keep an eye out for a series of videos coming up explain the use and impact of franklin balls

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