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Hi-viz quarter sheet

Happy new year to everyone. Whilst this year will be sure to bring its challenges, some of which are already happening (hello lockdown 3!) I'm excited to get going and see what it brings for me and the horses 😄 I also can't believe it's been a whole year since i was asked to start product reviewing with the Comfy Horse Company! It's been such a great experience, the Comfy Horse Company truly are a fantastic business and do exactly what it says on the tin. They really do keep horses (and riders!) Comfy! I'm very excited to continue doing reviews for them this year, already I have tried and tested so many amazing products, I can't wait to see what comes next!!

My last product of 2020 to review was the waterproof hi-viz quarter sheet specifically designed for the Comfy Horse Company. They are perfect for standing out when hacking, and keeping your horses back warm and dry, especially for clipped horses over winter. Available in 2 colours; fluorescent pink and yellow, and with or without fleece lining. I decided to try the yellow sheet with fleece lining. I loved the pink, but whilst Jake is generally open to made colour choices, I thought the yellow would suit him better! The fleece lining was perfect for him too as he is fully clipped over winter, so I want to keep his sensitive loins warm whilst we ride.

The sheet really stands out, it is so bright! Perfect for hacking, whether on the roads or bridleways. The added fluorescent strips on each side and on the tail flap means you stand out even more in headlights. I also love the logo, it's such a nice touch!

I've used the sheet on all of my saddles, it fits well on with my show saddle, close contact jump saddle, and even my side saddle! And I can confirm whilst out doing fast work on hacks, it doesn't flap or slip. This was a priority for me as I've had bad experiences before with quarter sheets slipping resulting in Jake bolting, so I'm really pleased that this one stays in place.

I've also had it out in torrential rain and he has always come back bone dry; and always warm, but never sweaty.

The sheet is available in cob and full sizes. I have the full on Jake and I'm happy with how it fits. He is in 6'9/ 7 foot rugs and is very well muscled at the moment and it fits comfortably around his big bottom!

These fantastic quarter sheets are available on the website. They are currently on sale at £49 for the no fill sheet, and £55 for the fleece lined.


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