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HUSK La Irenita sport boots

The Husk La Irenita sport boots are designed to offer the ultimate protection to your horses legs whilst preventing them from overheating.

The 3D honeycomb material structure encourages air flow, removing warm air and allowing cool air in. The 3D material ensures superior protection, and is used in bullet proof vests, alongside being axe and knife tested. so rest assured your horses legs will be safe from any impact.

The boots can be used across multiple disciplines, from dressage and hacking, to eventing and polo. They are also great for turn out and can be left on for longer periods of time with no risk of overheating the legs.

There is a wide range of sizing, and whilst the sizing was chosen for a different horse they fitted Jake's legs well and were used across a variety of horses. They are easy to put on and don't attract dirt or sand in the arena. They are easy to hose off and dry within 30 mins of getting wet. They can also be washed in the washing machine, meaning keeping them clean is a simple job.

These boots come in a variety of colours and pair up nicely with the Husk over reach boots. They are available from The Comfy Horse Company for £98!


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