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Incrediwear Hoof Socks

Now things are ~almost~ getting back to normal, I thought now would be a good time to do a full review of the amazing Incrediwear Hoof Socks. Another great, innovative concept that uses Germanium and carbon incorporated within the fabric to help stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Activation through body heat releases negative ions which cause the cells to vibrate. Increasing blood and lymphatic flow improves healing and recovery by removing by products and getting oxygen and nutrients to target areas. (if you want to learn more about the science there are some great videos on the Incrediwear website!)

My horse Jake often suffers from windgalls and filled legs, especially when stabled and when the ground is hard! I tend to put the socks on in the morning, and within a few hours, the inflammation has drastically gone down, or completely gone. The socks when dry can be left on for up to 24 hours at a time.

If his legs are particularly filled, or if he has had an intense exercise session, the socks can be used wet. Putting the socks in cool water, provides a cooling effect on the horses legs. But for me the most exciting thing is when you put them in hot water. 2 minutes in hot water, and then a minute to stand, and the socks become ice cold! It is recommended that you leave them on for up to an hour when wet, which I did, thinking that when I would take them off they'd probably be warming up by this point, but amazingly they were still really cold, and had done a fantastic job at leaving Jake's legs cool after a hard jump session. I think this sort of design will be a lifesaver at shows. No more trying to keep ice packs cool all day, to find they only last 10 mins on the horses legs before overheating anyway! I'm also excited to use these when we get back out showing! I usually stable bandage Jake's back legs the night before to make sure his legs don't go puffy, then travel in them the next day, but with these hoof socks I can leave them on over night, and then put travel boots on over the top, meaning i don't have to worry about him knocking his hocks on the way, or risking leaving lines on his legs from the bandages.

I've had quite a few people ask me about putting the hoof socks on. Although they don't look particularly easy, I found after a few attempts they are quick and simple to put on! I tend to scrunch them up and get them over the hoof. They have quite a bit of stretch and I can easily get them over my shod 17hh warmblood's big feet! I the pull them up to his knees and then back down again to where I need them, just so his hair lies flat. To remove, I just scrunch them up and pull them off! If you have a horse that is particularly fidgety, or want something you can exercise in, then a bandage version is also available.


The socks are available from The Comfy Horse Company for £60, along with other Incrediwear products for both horse and human!

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