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MDC Stirrups

So my next product review for The Comfy Horse Company are the fab MDC Sport Classic stirrups. I love a technical stirrup, and I often find myself researching different types of stirrups - a bit sad I know. When I came across the MDC stirrups on the Comfy Horse website, I was intrigued as to how they worked so after a bit of research into them I was keen to try a pair for myself.

MDC offer a range of different stirrups, giving lots of different options depending on what you are looking for. They offer flex and traditional sides, and patented twist tops and 's' shapes tops. Having had a look at the different types available, I decided to go for the sport classic. This stirrup has the twist top, with traditional sides, and a wide tread, to offer added support. I prefer riding with traditional sided stirrups, and chose these with the show ring in mind, however for those suffering with knee and hip problems i'd definitely recommend trying the flex version.

The stirrups themselves are lightweight and stylish. They stand out in there own way, but would then blend in seamlessly in the ring. The wider stirrup treads provide more support and grip for the foot. The treads minimises the chance of your foot slipping without risking damaging the sole of your boot, or marking the sides of the saddle.

Now for the exciting part! I was intrigued by MDC's one of a kind stirrup top design. being able to twist the top of the stirrup allows you to set the stirrup angles to personal preference, at either 45 or 90 degree angles, whilst also being able to keep it in the 'traditional' way, so you can still run up your stirrups normally. After having a play with the different angles, I found having them at a 90 degree angle suited me best. Having them this way totally removes the pressure of the stirrup leather form the front of the leg, and means that in the event of loosing a stirrup, they are much easier to get back as they don't turn to lay flat against the horses side as many stirrups do. They also benefit from a 45 degree angle on the back of the stirrup tread, which also helps if they are lost whilst riding. Having this position also greatly reduces the chance of getting your foot stuck during a fall, as the stirrup remains in the open angle.

I also tried the Comfy Horse stirrup bags. They

are a fab product that ensure there is no risk of your stirrups marking the side of your saddle. Their elasticated top means they are easy to put on and remove, and the fleece side stops any scuffing. I also love the logo! At just £12, they are a must have.


TheMDC stirrups can be purchased on The Comfy Horse website, starting at £159. There is currently free postage too!

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