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Nellie O'Neil Sockchaps.

The Nellie O'Neil Sockchaps are a simple design, but have proven to be something that I never knew I needed! They are stylish long riding socks that feature grips on the inside of the calf to improve leg stability in the saddle when riding in short boots.

I have found the Sockchaps to be really useful, both in my normal saddle, and side saddle! I've found that when schooling aside I prefer to have a short boot on my right leg to help me grip better, and by wearing these socks (albeit on the wrong feet as I need the grip on the outer side of my leg!) they really help to enhance my legs stability and keep me more secure and comfortable in the saddle.

The Socks are hard wearing and comfortable, I have really put them through their paces in the last month! I'm on the go all day, on the yard, so I find that I go through socks really quickly, sometimes within a month. But I'm really impressed with how these socks have lasted and have shown no sign of wear, plus they wash really easily too, and it doesn't effect the grip.

The Sockchaps come in 2 different colours, black and pink and black and brown, and are currently on sale at The Comfy Horse Company for just £8.79!


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