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Sieta Equestrian Jeans

Over July I got to test out the beautiful Sieta Equestrian Jeans. I have always loved the look of denim style breeches and these fully lived up to expectation!

The Jeans are made from high quality, ultra soft, stretchy denim. The design means that they are both flattering and comfortable! Comfort is a big thing for me (which is exactly why I love The Comfy Horse Company so much!) So I really put these jeans to the test. That meant plenty of long hacks to check that they remain comfortable over longs periods of time, and they did! I also love the silicone grips on the leg, which are subtle yet effective. Especially handy when you ride some rather exuberant horses like I do...

Another thing I like about the Sieta jeans are the pockets. Although it sounds like something simple, a good pocket either make or break breeches! Let's face it we all probably have phones that are usually slightly to big for most pockets, but I can confirm they my phone safely fits in all 4 pockets, so I don't have to worry about it flying out when I'm on the yard or riding!

The fit of these jeans were great. I do struggle to find breeches that fit well. I'm a bit short in the leg, but have rather muscle-y legs from all the work and riding I do, but due to the stretchy material these fitted amazingly!

The jeans are also really easy to wash, I just put them in the wash normally, and leave them out to air dry.

Designed by a British Company Georgian Dollar, the Sieta Equestrian Jean are available from the Comfy Horse Company for £92.

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