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The Equitex Saddle Pad

The equitex pad... where to begin! This is the most stunning pad you will ever see. Gorgeous velvet, in a variety of colours provides your horse with pure luxury; it's honestly like riding on a cloud!!

I purchased my first pad when equitex were first introduced in the UK, at olympia 2019. I chose the chocolate brown half pad which I use with my showing saddle. It's perfect to use on it's own, but can also be used with another saddle pad of need be. The half pad is ultra flattering under my show saddle and certainly looks the part in the ring!!

Having had the half pad for a year; I was so excited to add another to my collection at Christmas. This time the gp square in sapphire blue. I bought this with show jumping in mind (whenever we may start again 😂) so picked the blue to go with my show jacket. The velvet means no rubbing, and I can confirm it does not rub, even on my sensitive horse! It also will not slip, and I've tried it under many saddles, including my side saddle. Whilst they may come with more of a price tag compared to other pads, I can hand on heart say they are worth the money, and you won't be able to live with just 1! The customer service provided too is also first class, along with you being able to try before you buyyou buy. So do your horse a favour and buy an equitex!!

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