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The first of many

My first blog! Really excited to get going and share what we have been up to, as-well as tips and tricks to help you all improve with your horses. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

Since the beginning of 2019, Jake has already been in the red ribbons, winning our first jumping class! Our competition in February didn't run as smoothly. Jake produced an amazing round in our first class, clear and fast! But I had a sack the Jockey moment, and ended up missing a jump, costing us the win! A delay meant we went into our second class a lot later than expected. By this point Jake was tired so had a few poles, but on a whole I'm very proud of his performance!

The end of February saw us take on something very different. Since moving to a dressage yard, I guess it was to be expected that we would finally have a go at some dressage tests! We did attempt a novice test a few years ago, with not the best score, but since then we have been having regular flat lessons alongside our jumping and our dressage ability has improved tenfold. Not only was it our second ever dressage test, but it was our first ever elementary! Jake certainly performed, with us finishing in 2nd place, with some great comments from the judges, and lots of areas to improve on. Im looking forward to working with him to further our ability and get an even better score in March!

My other ride, Felix has also been responding well to training. We are gaining a lot more control with our jumping and he excelled expectation in our first outing to Keysoe for some XC this year.

I Have also taken on a new client, with a lovely young mare who I am going to be bringing on, and I can't wait to get started with her!

I'd like to follow this blog up with some training ideas, and hopefully some videos in the future. If anyone has any ideas on what they want included,, then please let me know!

Katie xx

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