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V.I.P Pad

My next product to review for The Comfy Horse Company is the Very Important Pad. The V.I.P saddle pad is made from a vigorously tested Akton® viscoelastic polymer, which acts as a 'second skin' under your horses saddle. The V.I.P Pads main use is as a shock absorber and equally spreads pressure along the horses back, ensuring your horse remains comfortable throughout its work. The design of the pad, at only 8mm thick, means it does not alter the fit of your saddle, and the bobble texture allows for small amounts of movement, letting the horses muscles move underneath, without causing any friction, or pulling on the hair.

The first horse to trial the pad was Jake. As promised, the pad fitted properly under the saddle, and didn't slip at all. I used the pad on its own, directly against Jake's back, and in-between a pad and the saddle. Whilst both made a noticeable difference, I found it to be most effective when put directly onto his back.

As soon as I was on board and warming up, a massive difference could be felt straight away! Jake was immediately more relaxed and stretched down through his back, something that often takes at least 20 minutes to achieve! Being an older horse, Jake does struggle with suppleness, along with being quite tense under saddle. Therefore to have him stretching so quickly into our session was an amazing improvement. Throughout our rides using the pad, he has become so much softer and more willing onto the contact. His transitions have drastically improved and he is much freer through the shoulder and over his back when jumping. The pad is amazing, as it gives Jake the confidence to relax and work over his back correctly, something that we have been struggling with for ages!

Felix was also lucky enough to trial the pad. He too is very tight in the back in his work, and it takes a substantial amount of time and work to get him to relax and stretch forward into the contact. Having used the pad both in clients lessons with him, and when I have been riding him myself, I can safely say that there was a noticeable difference, and whilst it took a little longer, each time the pad was used he progressively became more relaxed and lower in the contact.

The V.I.P pad easy really easy to clean, and just requires a quick wipe off with water. Due to its design, it doesn't absorb sweat so is really easy to keep clean.

Check out The Comfy Horse Companys website to find out more details. They Offer demo pads for those wanting to try the pad out, and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


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